Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic Evaluations

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Testing and Diagnostics

Autism testing and diagnostic services provide you with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s development.

CSD offers diagnostic developmental evaluations for children, adolescents and adults. Our diagnostic developmental assessments are conducted by a team of experienced clinicians, including Licensed Psychologists who specialize in working with children and adults who are affected by developmental, intellectual, and emotional disabilities.

Evaluations take place virtually via telehealth and at select locations. We offer competitive pricing with varying payment options for both insurance and private funding. Our diagnostic assessment package includes a complimentary evaluation review with a licensed mental health provider.

Our approach

Taking the time now to help your child get the services they need to continue growing into the best version of themselves.

Full Service Diagnostics

Provide a detailed developmental and behavioral profile

Provide a diagnosis according to the DMS-5

Evaluate social functioning and communication skills

Evaluate developmental progress over time

Integrate a collaborative diagnostic approach

Guide treatment planning for various cognitive and behavioral therapies

Evaluations may include:

At CSD, you’re a valuable member of the team and the best way to support your child is to get everyone on the same page

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Diagnostic Services

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Autism Evaluations

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Cognitive Testing

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Play-based Assessments

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Parent Consultation

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Standardized Testing

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