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Our Companies

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Spreading Our Mission

One way we have been able to fulfil our vision of opening a world of possibilities for as many families and communities as possible is through the acquisition of other amazing ABA companies. As new organizations join the CSD family, we take these partnerships seriously and see them as an opportunity to learn and grow together.

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Rocky Mountain ABA

Rocky Mountain ABA was established by Brittany Warsing in 2018, initially as school consultation and then growing to home-based services. Their mission is simple: They believe that all people have limitless potential. All people have an incredible purpose. All people are capable of reaching their hopes and dreams.

Rocky Mountain ABA partnered with Center for Social Dynamics in July 2020. Our core values TRUE-ly align in that we believe in providing the highest quality behavior analytic services to all those in need. We work hand in hand with our families to identify goals and work toward what matters most to them. The mission and responsibility to serve as many people as possible is at the heart of both organizations.

Rocky Mountain ABA serves the entire Denver Metro area, south to Colorado Springs, and north to Fort Collins. They provide home and community-based ABA therapy to kiddos through young adults (up to age 20) and are growing their Social Skills Groups in Denver and Boulder areas.

Behavior Development Center

In December 2017, Roza Valensi, M.S., BCBA and Tiffany Mendez, M.A., BCBA founded Behavior and Development Center. Both being board certified behavior analysts and serving the community for over 10 years, they knew what was lacking in ABA services and what had to be done differently to elevate quality of services for individuals with autism and other developmental delays. Since BDC’s inception, their vision has been to see that all individuals under their care are given the tools they need to succeed. They understood the approach of behavior adjustment and instruction isn’t one size fits all, so they developed their services, resources, trainings, and materials to support individualized learning and development for all children and adults.

Currently, Behavior and Development Center provides ABA therapy as well as social skills classes throughout Los Angeles County, Inland Empire, and Orange County. BDC’s focus is to ensure that all programs are tailor built to serve the diverse needs of its clients. BDC specializes in discrete trial training, pivotal response training, functional communication training, verbal behavior, play skills, adaptive skills, as well as parent training.

Behavior and Development Center joined partnership with Center for Social Dynamics in September 2020. The founders knew that CSD was the perfect partner for BDC from their first meeting, due in large part to their shared believes in putting patient outcomes ahead of all else. Being under the CSD umbrella, BDC has been able to continue its mission and have the infrastructural resources needed to scale and service more individuals in need while staying true to its values and vision.

Ed Support Services

Ed Support Services, formerly Juvo, was founded by Tanya Scott to enhance the current quality of life and future independence of individuals with autism and other behavioral health needs, while also providing support to their families and communities.

“Juvo” is Latin for help, support, and serve – perfect words to describe who they are and what they do.

They focus on improving social, communication, academic, and independent living skills in a positive, supportive environment through personalized and evidence-based behavioral services. Through comprehensive and focused ABA therapies, they motivate individuals – from 12 months old through adulthood – to embrace learning by embedding therapy within their natural routines at home, in school, or out in the community.

JF Behavioral Services, LLC

Jennifer Fitzpatrick founded JF Behavioral Services to help individuals diagnosed with Autism. They provide in-home therapy by highly trained BCBAs, LABAs, CBTs, SLPs, OTs, and Behavioral Therapist. Their team works to make sure all individuals reach their potential and achieve optimal outcomes.

JF Behavioral Services mission is to be the preeminent provider of Applied Behavioral Therapy for individuals and their families living with Autism in Washington and Idaho. With their advanced training and knowledge, they deliver specialized, individualized, and collaborative care for their clients. They achieve optimal outcomes for our clients through best practices to gain a fulfilling life.

South Sound Behavior Therapy

South Sound Behavior Therapy was founded in 2011 by a local BCBA, Jennica Warner. Jennica wanted to build a company that focused on quality of services for children with autism and their families. To do this they ensure that their BCBAs have small caseloads and can see clients frequently as well as provide 
in-depth parent training to families they serve.

SSBT also focuses on quality training from other BCBAs that provide frequent feedback and training to their team. Each child is assessed and treated individually, and treatment plans and programming are designed specifically for each child they provide services to. Each child is encouraged to progress at their own rate and their team is trained to understand this process. They utilize principles of ABA including but not limited to: shaping, chaining, prompting, fading, reinforcement, extinction, errorless teaching, and discrete trial training.

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