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Special needs camp programs for children and teens

CSD’s special needs camps offer enriching experiences for children and teens through personalized activities and expert care.

Immersive camp experiences designed
for you and your children

CSD’s camps for children with special needs create fun environments wheren children can learn and play. Our camps run during the winter, spring, and summer. These community programs give campers the opportunity to make new friends, participate in new adventures, and conquer new physical challenges in an engaging group atmosphere. Structured activities and creative lessons help nurture each individual’s personal and social development. An exciting daily routine is crafted to include a variety of games, arts & crafts, water play, music, and special guests. Each week focuses on a fun theme that will spark personal development and group interaction.

Our approach

Additional Services

  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Counseling
  • Parent Led and Family Education

By providing a safe space that promotes social reciprocity, we are able to deliver specialized opportunities for our campers to learn and grow.

Center based autism programs designed to reinforce positive changes.

The Benefits of Special Needs Camps at CSD

Trained staff offer individualized and group support.

Comprehensive behavior evaluations.

Home and camp on-going communication spurs participation in weekly themes.

Camps provide respite for caregivers and an opportunity for families to socialize.

Professional classroom and district recommendations.

The CSD camp experience

Our camps with CSD offer a diverse learning experience grounded in evidence-based behavioral therapies.

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Professional Camp Staff

CSD’s BCBA trained staff design activities and lesson plans rooted in ABA therapy methods.

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Interactive Settings

CSD’s camps are held in various community settings designed with diverse surroundings.

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Personalized Care

Camp experiences are designed to meet individual behavioral needs and promote personal growth in a group setting.

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