Announcing: CSD Adventure Club

Announcing: CSD Adventure Club

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If you haven’t received an email from CSD with an offer to accept all of your authorized hours yet, you soon will!  On Sundays, an email will be sent that will allow you to accept your unscheduled hours for the following week. The CSD Adventure Club is a great way to take all authorized sessions. 

The CSD Adventure Club was created to give your child a camp-like experience and the opportunity to practice and apply their ABA skills being developed. These are fun, engaging, and scientifically rated as “awesome” by our clients.

Events are available in person and virtually for your convenience. Not sure if a virtual event works for your child? We offer free trial sessions to experience the awesomeness of these events, just CLICK HERE to sign up for a free trial session.

Fun fact: Children with autism often exhibit strong preference for routine and predictability in their daily lives. CSD Adventure Club strikes a perfect balance between structure and flexibility, offering a safe and structured environment while introducing novel and exciting experiences, helping our clients learn to adapt and cope with change in a supportive setting. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Adventure Club October events: Roaring Safari Adventures, Mad Scientists Unleashed, and Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza.

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