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Comprehensive ABA Therapy Services in Southern California

Unlocking Potential: Expert ABA Therapy for Autism in OC, LA, and IE. Personalized care for lasting progress. Schedule a consultation today!

Autism + Behavioral Health Services

We at Behavior and Development Center, a proud Center for Social Dynamics company, use evidence-based strategies and the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to positively impact the lives of the individuals we serve. Our vision is to see that all children are given the tools to succeed. We understand that the approach to behavior adjustment and instruction isn’t one size fits all, therefore, we develop our treatments, resources, training, and material to support the learning and development of all children. We currently provide in-home, school, and community-based services as well as social skills classes across Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and Orange County.


  • In-home ABA
  • Center-based ABA
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Parent-led Support
  • Parent and Family Education

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At Center for Social Dynamics, our vision is to open a world of possibilities for those with autism and other developmental needs through science, compassion, and humility.

CSD’s mission is to deliver the best and most personalized, innovative solutions possible for each individual and caregiver living with autism or other disabilities and to foster a strong culture of community participation and inclusion.

The care that makes a difference

CSD is rooted in a people-first methodology and driven by a passion to help clients reach their fullest potential. Our values guide us to provide high quality, evidence-based, individualized support at home, in schools, centers, camps, and community settings. We accomplish this by attracting an exceptional team that is dedicated to delivering skilled, consistent, and compassionate care.

CSD’s personalized behavioral services use measurable goals, data, and results to evaluate progress and adjust therapy to create meaningful outcomes for current and future success.

Spreading our mission

One way we have been able to serve more families and communities is through the acquisition of other amazing ABA companies. As new companies have joined the CSD family, we take these partnerships very seriously and see them as an opportunity to continue to all learn and grow.


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