Monthly Attendance Letters

Monthly Attendance Letters

Have you received an attendance letter from CSD latelyCSD is now sending out these letters monthly to all of our familiesWant to know what the zones mean? 

Green Zone (Awesome Zone) – A thank you letter to our clients with consistent attendance (< 5% cancellations for the previous month) 

Yellow Zone (Watch out Zone) Indicates the opportunity for improvement in consistency of session attendance (cancellations ranging from 5%-14.99% for the previous month) 

Red Zone (Danger Zone) – Given the negative impact on client outcomes, immediate improvement of attendance needs to occur to ensure we can provide effective treatment (>15% cancellation for the previous month).   

Consistency of care is one of the top predictors of client success. We also understand that life happens. Emergencies occur and unplanned events pop up.  This is why CSD offers several make-up opportunities, and make-ups offset your cancellation rate. Any cancelled sessions that are made up during the same calendar month will offset the cancellation percentage for that month. So, if you miss a two-hour session and make up an hour later in the month, you will show as having cancelled one hour, not two. If you miss a two-hour session and make up two hours before the end of the month, your letter will reflect no cancellations!  

 How can you schedule a make-up session?  I’m so glad you asked.   

Announcing the CSD Adventure Club! 

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