Newsletter: September 2023


Welcome | September 2023

Welcome to TRUE 3, our CSD newsletter! TRUE 3 is named for the 3-fold combination of client, family, and CSD team that is united in a common goal. We are excited to keep you informed about the latest updates, resources, and events that will enhance your CSD journey.


Research shows that clients who receive consistent ABA therapy will meet approximately 60% of their goals in a six-month period, whereas clients who receive inconsistent ABA therapy will meet approximately 14% of goals over the same period. To achieve optimal outcomes for you and your family, we ask that you to attend all sessions and minimize your cancellations to less than 5%. This month, CSD launched automated text reminders to help you remember and plan for your scheduled sessions. CSD also began sending a monthly attendance update letter to your email that is on file with us. This letter lets you know if you are in the green (good), yellow (watch-out), or red (urgent action) level of cancelations so you can stay on top of your attendance and progress. As always, please communicate with your clinical team asap should you need to discuss your session times or services.

For those of you looking to meet your goals, we’ll be having themed make up events monthly that are a fun and engaging way to make sure your loved one is getting the most out of their therapy. Click here to learn more.


Collaboration is the key to helping our 3-fold team of client, family and CSD work together well. Given our TRUE values and our collaborative approach, we need to be transparent and fully understand each other’s perspectives. Similar to the black and white image, we may not see the full story and truly understand all of the challenges that you need to overcome on a day-to-day basis.  Please openly collaborate and communicate with your Regional Director and Clinical Team so we can problem-solve together when needed.


Did you know that the services that you and your child receive are medically necessary and you can be formally excused from work to attend sessions (in many cases)?  Much like if you needed to see a doctor or have a surgery, you can receive approved time from work to participate in caregiver training, an assessment, and/or a clinical team meeting. FMLA leave may even be taken to allow you to attend sessions during work hours. Click Here to request a visit confirmation form that can be shared with your employer.

Fun Fact

Some experts believe that famous historical figures like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart may have exhibited traits consistent with autism, showcasing the history of remarkable achievements by individuals within the autism spectrum.

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Transparency in the work that we do and the actions we take to achieve our mission. There are no hidden agendas or motives at Center for Social Dynamics.each family’s unique cultures, values, and generational dynamics.

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Respect for all and the value that everyone brings towards accomplishing our mission. No one at CSD is worth more or less, and together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

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Understanding through tolerance, cooperation, and empathy in the pursuit of our mission. We never lose sight of who we are, the people we serve, and our purpose and meaning.

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Excellence in our drive, passion, and commitment to our mission. CSD will always do what it takes to deliver the best, leave no one behind, and champion our cause.